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ESA 10.000

All encapsulating stages in only one equipment.
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Agile and fast, the ESA 10.000 produces from 10.000 to 11.000 capsules/hour* without manual contact, it completes all three phases of encapsulation: placing and opening the capsules into the disk set, feeding and compacting of the powder and locking and releasing the capsules from the disk set. The ESA 10.000 powder feeding unity has two different powder feeding settings ensuring greater mass uniformity, reducing waste and maximizing equipment output.


*Production may vary according to powder particle shape, capsule quality, room temperature and humidity conditions, and operator ability, among others.

Besides automatically placing the hard shell capsules into the disk set, the ESA 10.000 has two options for powder feeding: manual or automatic, chosen through a switch selector. In the automatic configuration, by pressing a button, the entire disk is filled and compressed with powder and stops when it completes a full lap, preventing capsule double filling that would cause mass uniformity deviations. In the manual configuration, the machine operator controls how many rotations will do the disk under the powder filling unity.

The ESA 10.000 has a fully closed cabinet which prevents the accumulation of residues in the interior components of the equipment (vacuum pump and filters), it is mounted on caster wheels, thus facilitating its removal for cleaning.

Its vacuum pump is made with self-sliding materials, which does not require lubrication. It offers better performance compared to similar lubricated pumps and a minimum noise level.

The encapsulation process in the ESA 10.000 is simple and may be divided in 3 stages:


1st stage – capsule feeding

The equipment automatically places the hard shell capsules in the correct position into the disk set while a vacuum system opens them, with no manual contact.


2nd stage – powder feeding

Capsules are automatically filled, the powder is distributed and compressed inside the capsules while the disk rotates underneath the powder filling unity, with no manual contact.


3rd stage – capsules closing and locking

The closing and locking of the capsules is made by a lever system that close, locks and removes them from the disk set, with no manual contact.


Production*: 10.000 to 11.000 capsules/hour

General dimensions: 127 x 58 x 153 cm (50 x 22,8 x 60,2 inches) (length x width x height)

Weight: 175 kg (386 lbs)

Capsule feeding motor: 0.25 HP three-phase

Powder feeding motor: 0.5 HP three-phase

Vacuum pump: 0.5 HP, three-phase or 1 HP three-phase (optional)

Voltage: 220 or 380 volts

Power: 0,93 kWh


The equipment comes with two disk sets of the customer’s choice of size. Other sizes and accessories are available, if necessary, enabling the manufacture of all sizes of capsules (from 00 to 4).


*Production may vary according to powder particle shape, capsule quality, room temperature and humidity conditions, and operator ability, among others.