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EMA 2000

Greater speed for your formulations.

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Versatile, enables filling capsules of various sizes just by changing the disk set*. The EMA 2.000 has simplified commands and is easily operated. It can produce approximately 1.500 to 2.000 capsules/hour (depending on the product to be encapsulated and the operator ability). Production can be increased with extra disk sets and operators.


*The equipment comes along with one disk set of the costumer’s choice of size. Other sizes and accessories are available, enabling to work with all capsules sizes (from 00 to 4). 


Technical information and detailed characteristics

The EMA 2.000 has a fully closed cabinet which prevents the accumulation of residues in the interior components of the equipment (vacuum pump and filters), it is mounted on caster wheels, thus facilitating its removal for cleaning.

Its vacuum pump is made with self-sliding materials, which does not require lubrication. It offers better performance compared to similar lubricated pumps and a minimum noise level.


The encapsulation process in the EMA 2.000 is quite simple and may be divided in 3 stages:


1st stage – capsule feeding

With their caps facing upwards, the empty capsules are placed manually in the disk set. Filled with capsules the disk set is taken to the equipment, where a vacuum system opens the capsules.


2nd stage – powder feeding

The capsules are manually filled with powder within the disk set in a counter.


3rd stage – capsules closing and locking

The closing and locking of the capsules is made by a lever system that close, locks and removes them from the disk set, with no manual contact.


Production*: 1.500 to 2.000 capsules/hour

General dimensions: 96 x 50 x 112 cm (37,7 x 19,6 x 44 inches) (length x width x height)

Weight: 82 kg (181 lbs)

Vacuum pump: 0.5 HP, single-phase or two-phase

Voltage: 127 or 220 volts

Power: 0,37 kWh

The equipment comes with one disk set of the customer’s choice of size. Other sizes and accessories are available, if necessary, enabling the manufacture of all sizes of capsules (from 00 to 4).


*Production may vary according to powder particle shape, capsule quality, room temperature and humidity conditions, and operator ability, among others. The output might be increased with the additional operators and disk sets.