Capsule deduster

At the end of the capsule filling process, it is normal for the capsule shell to be dull due to excess powder remaining on its surface.
The capsule deduster removes the traces of powder on the outside of the capsules and facilitates further processing.
The powder particles are extracted when the capsules are deposited on the vibrating tray grid, which when vibrating removes the excess powder accumulated on the capsule shells, and at the same time directs them to a reservoir of your choice, which should be positioned under its end.
The equipment is small, light, and silent, and can be easily accommodated next to the equipment and moved for cleaning and maintenance.

Production*: 50,000 capsules/hour
Dimensions: 68 x 34,5 x 63 cm (length x width x height)
Weight: 25 kg
Voltage: 220 volts
Frequency: 60 hertz
Power/consumption: 0,4 kW
  • Production capacity varies according to the characteristics of the powder, quality and size of the capsules, ambient temperature and humidity conditions, operator skill, among other factors.

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