Manual capsule filler for pellets

Our manual capsule filler for pellets was developed to meet the production demands of all sizes of compounding pharmacies. Each plate has a maximum capacity of 180 capsules and is compatible with the aluminum-edge 180 capsules base.
On a plate, similar to a drawer, the capsule bodies are placed. Next, the dosing plate is fitted, locked onto the drawer-plate, and the previously weighted pellets are dispensed. The pellets are then distributed among the cavities and after this process is completed, the dosing plate is unlocked, releasing the pellets into the capsule bodies.
In this equipment, by changing only the dosing plate, is possible to manipulate the following APIs*:

*different dosing devices depending on the API and dosage.
  • Composed by PVC base with duralumin reinforce and feets, drawer plate and dosing device also in PVC .
  • Each drawer plate comes with shims, dividing cursor and a spatula card
  • Dosing plates are available in the following dosages for each described API:
    • - omeprazole 8.5% dosing 10 mg per cycle
    • - omeprazole 10% dosing 10 or 20 mg per cycle*.
    • - lansoprazole 8.5% dosing 15 mg per cycle
    • - pantoprazole 15% dosing 20 mg per cycle
    • - itraconazole 22% dosing 50 mg per cycle
* different dosing plates according to each dosage
  • Available for capsules sizes* 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4
  • Parts can be sold as a set or individually, according to your needs.
  • The output varies according to the capsule filler size and compounder skills.

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