EMA 2000 Especial

Your compounded capsules filled in a couple minutes
Specially developed for the intense routine of compounding pharmacies, the EMA 2.000 Special drastically reduces the encapsulation time by contemplating its most time-consuming phases: placing and opening the shells and closing/locking them. This equipment also has simplified commands and is easily operated.
This equipment can fill up to 2,000 to 3,000 capsules/hour* but can be increased with additional disk sets and more operators.

*Production output varies according operator ability and extra disk sets available.
**This machine is originally shipped with 1 (one) disk set for one capsule size (to be determined). However, it is possible to work with all capsule sizes (from 00 to 4) by acquiring additional disk sets and accessories
The encapsulation process using the EMA 2.000 Special is fast and simple and can be divided into 3 steps:
Step 1 – Capsule feeding
The capsules are automatically rectified and placed into the disk set, quickly and without manual contact, while a vacuum system separates the shells tops from bodies. Next, the disk set is taken to a bench to perform the following step, which is filling the capsules with powder. This procedure allows the equipment to be used by other operators and prevents the equipment from being contaminated by the powder that is being manipulated.
Step 2 – Powder filling
At the worktop, we separate upper part (containing the shell caps) and lower part of the disk set. The lower part of the disk set (part that accommodates the capsule bodies) is filled manually with powder. If necessary, there are accessories to help compress the powder into the capsule bodies. There are also accessories to orientate the powder placement within the lower disk set.
Step 3 – Closing and locking the capsule shells
After filling the shells with powder, the disk set is assembled (thin disk placed over the thick disk) and should return to the equipment for closing, locking and releasing the capsules thru a lever operated system.
Production: 2,000 to 3,000 capsules/hour*
Dimensions: 104 x 58 x 136 cm (length x width x height)
Weight: 107 kg
               Capsule feeding: 0.25 HP (single-phase or two-phase)
Vacuum pump: 0.5 HP (single-phase or two-phase)
Voltage: 127 or 220 volts (single or two-phased) (this is NOT a multi voltage equipment)
Approximate consumption: 0,56 kWh
*The production output varies according to the characteristics of the powder, quality of the capsules, humidity and temperature conditions of the environment, operator skills, among others. Production output can be increased by adding additional disk sets and operators.
Note: It is possible to work with shell sizes from 00 to 4, by purchasing additional disk sets and accessories.

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