EMA 2000

A simple and fast solution for small scale capsule filling
Versatile, the EMA 2000 allows you to work with different capsules sizes by simply changing disk sets**. It has simplified commands and is easily operated. The EMA 2000 covers 2 phases of the capsule filling process: capsules opening and capsules closing.
This equipment can fill up to 1,500 to 2,000 capsules/hour*
*production output varies according operator ability and extra disk sets available.
**this machine is originally shipped with 1 (one) disk set for one capsule size to be determined. However, it is possible to work with all capsule sizes (from 00 to 4) by acquiring additional disk sets and accessories
Its mechanisms are built inside a closed cabinet preventing residue deposition on equipment internal components, its casters facilitate moving the equipment for cleaning and maintenance.
The dry vacuum pump is manufactured with self-sliding materials, does not require any type of lubrication, have lower noise level and higher performance than regular lubricated vacuum pumps.
In the EMA 2000 the encapsulation process is very simple and can be divided into 3 steps:
Step 1 – Capsule feeding
At a worktop, the empty shells are manually fitted into the disk set, capsules caps facing upwards (consequently, capsule bodies facing down). Filled with empty capsules, the disk set is placed on the equipment so the shells can be opened thru vacuum.
Next, the disk set is taken back to the worktop for the next step (which is filling the shells with powder). This procedure allows other operators to use the equipment and prevents the equipment from being contaminated by the power being filled into the shells.
Step 2 – Powder filling
Back at the worktop, we separate upper part (containing the shell caps) and lower part of the disk set. The lower part of the disk set (part that accommodates the capsule bodies) is filled manually with powder. If necessary, there is an accessory to help compress the powder into the capsule bodies. There are also accessories to orientate the powder placement within the lower disk set.
Step 3 – Closing and locking the capsule shells
After filling the shells with powder, the disk set is assembled (thin disk placed over the thick disk) and should return to the equipment for closing, locking and releasing the capsules.
Production: 1,500 to 2,000 capsules/hour*
Dimensions: 95 x 48 x 110 cm (length x width x height)
Weight: 82 kg
               Vacuum pump: 0.5 HP (single-phase or two-phase)
Voltage: 127 or 220 volts (single or two-phase) (this is NOT a multi voltage equipment)
Approximate consumption: 0,37 kWh
*Production output varies according powder characteristics, capsule quality, ambient humidity and temperature, and operators ability. Production output can be increased by adding additional disk sets and operators.

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